Garcinia Cambogia Free Trials in UK – Why You Should NOT Opt-in For These!

Free trials – a hit or a risk?

free trial scamsA noticeable growing trend spread all across UK is the consumption of Garcinia cambogia supplements.

It has been the rising star in regard to the weight loss procedure, and numerous women have tried and succeeded in achieving their desired body and weight goals the help of this miraculous  tropical supplement.

What has been a disappointment however is the false advertisement of unauthentic supplements where the sellers lure the customer using extremely cut down prices and free trials.

It has affected and harmed countless of women who only seeked for help with their weight loss and fell for unauthentic supplements because of meticulous and baseless advertisement.

Having been received a lot of feedback and complaints regarding this ongoing trend of free trials, we have decided to investigate further into it, and upon our findings regarding Garcinia Cambogia Free Trials in UK, we have listed down why you should not opt-in for these scams and how to spot them!

What’s wrong with a free trial?

Technically nothing’s wrong with a free trial, after all everyone wants free stuff right? Specially when it comes to avid supplement users – it can get a little expensive. But in actuality, there isn’t a free trial per say – because let’s face it, nothing’s for free in today’s world – you eventually have to pay some amount to get the free product they are selling.

More importantly, they get their money but what do you get it? A free trial product which may be for all we know, unauthentic and harmful for your health.

How to spot a free trial scam:

  • Targeting the avid consumer

The first step to spot a scam is to look out for an extra amount of information and unreasonable deals on products.

Any overwhelming terminologies other than the obvious/general and generic information is a major red alert.

You may often buy what they are selling  but that doesn’t necessarily mean, what they are selling is legit.

  • Hidden costs

Never be under the assumption that you will get their products for free even though they might say so, in bold and capital fonts.

Technically when they offer you a free trial, they would ask you to pay shipping and/or delivery costs.

So eventually, you end up paying an amount which does not guarantee their product to be authentic; Which brings us to the next point

  • Authentic companies

Be very careful of the product you pick (free trial or otherwise). There are only a few manufacturers that produce premium quality Garcinia cambogia supplements since importing and formulating these supplements takes a lot of difficult procedures, formulas and facilities.

These manufacturers as well as their facilities are FDA registered and their products too, are FDA approved. For instance, If there’s any free trial for a ‘homemade Garcinia cambogia supplement’, do not purchase it.

  • Ingredients

Authentic and professional manufacturing companies, have clearly stated ingredients, dosages and precautions along with their FDA approval stamp.

Make sure to check for the ingredients section, if they have vaguely written down ingredients, know that it’s a scam – ‘PURE extract’ doesn’t cut it! There is a lot more than just pure extract to Garcinia supplements formulation.

Purchase original garcinia cambogia for guaranteed results rather than availing free trials

Speaking of authentic and original manufacturers and products, we would like to bring to your knowledge how purchasing products works and free trials don’t.

Original supplements cost and it may be expensive, but they give back in terms of results. We have round up a few benefits for you to know:

  • Premium quality and results: with the purchase of original supplements you not only buy a product you also buy results and quality. Always remember quality over quantity! Authentic companies registered by the FDA manufacture premium quality goods which is vouched for and authorized by the FDA, so you know exactly what goes inside your body.
  • Warranty and money back guarantee: authentic supplement manufacturers also provide money back guarantees and warranty of their products life; which is proof enough of their products being healthy.
  • Customer support and feedback: such companies (whose products don’t come at your doorstep with as a paid for free trial) offer customer support helplines where they have trained professionals who actually are certified to guide you in terms of supplement choice and information. They not only give you viable professional advice, they also prefer your feedback and experience with their products – how do you think we gather transformation and review details from?
  • Prescribed supplements: here’s why we recommend you a doctor’s consultation – they always look over and recommend/prescribe you authentic Garcinia Supplements along with its dosages and locations from where you can purchase  the prescribed supplements; Therefore the supplements you purchase would be authentic as possible.

Our top 3 Recommendations for Garcinia Cambogia Supplements:

This one’s an Evolution slimming supplement which is comprised of 60% HCA and is formulated using pure garcinia extract. It is the top most ranked Garcinia Supplement with numerous positive reviews.

This is also one of the most highly ranked products across UK. It is an Advanced Health product, which is also made from pure Garcinia extract along with 60% HCA and includes Raspberry Ketone for an ‘EXTRA’ boost in results!

Garcinia Select supplement is imported from the US, where it is manufactured in a FDA approved and registered facility. It’s more of the lower dosage and has a 50% HCA content. Again it is one of the top 3 ranked supplements across UK and manufactured using the finest quality, pure Garcinia extract.

Risking your health for a free bottle of pills?

We understand the temptation of free trials for supplements but please bare in mind that it is not worth the risk- that your health is not worth the risk.

It is imperative that you strictly follow the guidelines for purchasing and consuming authentic Garcinia supplements. Should you find yourself caught amidst a free trial scam, here’s what you should do:

    • Report to the FDA and file a complaint as soon as possible
    • Write to us and let us know about your experience.
    • Share the information as much as possible on as many social media platforms as you can

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