HCA FIT – The New Powerful Garcinia Cambogia Tablets

hca fit garcinia pillsHCA Fit is a Garcinia Cambogia supplement that has a two-fold mission;

  • help your body create less fat out of carbs and,
  • help you better control your appetite and mood-dependent eating.

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What is HCA FIT?

HCA Fit is an appetite suppression and fat formation blocking pill. It contains Garcinia Cambogia extract that’s according to its developer 100% natural and it consists of no less than 60% HCA.

Garcinia Cambogia is the latest buzzword in weight loss, especially after its open endorsement by TV persona Dr OZ who claimed that Garcinia Cambogia is the “newest fat buster”.

Leading Edge Health is the company that develops and trades this garcinia supplement. HCA FIT is,

  • Non-addictive
  • Made of 100% Natural Garcinia Cambogia extract
  • Made of 60% HCA
  • Effective with 60-day money back guarantee
  • Blocks fat formation
  • Suppresses the appetite and the urge to eat due to emotional triggers (anger, stress, anxiety, disappointment, low self-esteem, heartbreak etc.)
  • Boosts your sex appeal, making you feel and look your best

Is HCA safe for weight loss?

Many studies looked into the weight loss capacity of Garcinia Cambogia extract and HCA in particular. These studies also looked into the safety and toxicity levels of HCA and the general verdict is that HCA and Garcinia Cambogia extract are safe for human consumption and helpful for weight loss.

A study published in the Journal of Medicine that looked into a unique synthesis of HCA and Super CitriMax reports,

“No remarkable toxicity results were detected, demonstrating the safety of HCA-SX.” And at another point asserts, “ These results demonstrate the safety, bioavailability and efficacy of HCA-SX in weight management.”

Another safety assessment study2 published in the Journal of Food and Chemical Toxicology analyzed the toxicity levels of HCA-SX and concluded,

“There is sufficient qualitative and quantitative scientific evidence, including animal and human data suggesting that intake of HCA at levels up to 2800 mg/day is safe for human consumption.”

The daily serving of HCA is 1000mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract and 60% HCA.

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Is HCA clinically proven to help with weight loss?

Several studies have been conducted on how HCA suppresses the appetite and prevents fat formation in the body. Case in point is a 2005 study3 that has confidently reported that,

“HCA-SX has been shown to increase serotonin availability, reduce appetite, increase fat oxidation, improve blood lipid levels, reduce body weight, and modulate a number of obesity regulatory genes[…].”

Side Effects

The abovementioned studies prove that HCA FIT is a safe to use weight loss pill. There are no red flags as to toxicity, safety of use and any side effects or reactions with other ingredients and drugs according to our research.

Leading Edge Health doesn’t refer to possible side effects associated with this diet pill and we take it to be a side effects free supplement, especially since the company clearly states they use 100% natural Garcinia Cambogia extract.

The formula has no fillers, binders and artificial ingredients.

Each daily serving of HCA Fit contains:

  • 50mg Calcium
  • 200mcg Chromium
  • 50mg Potassium
  • 1000mg Garcinia Cambogia Extract (60% HCA)

 5 Things You Should Know About HCA FIT

  • Targets the two nagging problems women struggle with; emotional eating and excess fat
  • Leading Edge Health has an outstanding customer support performance with impressive complaint resolution.
  • Improves serotonin levels and by extension your mood, significantly decreasing eating triggered by emotional reasons.
  • Clinically backed ingredient HCA, is available in its maximum dosage of 60% HCA.
  • You are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee, the full refund doesn’t include the shipping charges.


HCA Fit is an affordable and safe weight loss pill that will solve your emotional eating and excess fat problems.

it is safe with no known side effects and it’s developed by a trusted, customer-centric company, Leading Edge Health.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, you can use this garcinia pill in combination with dieting and regular exercising to get to your ideal weight much faster and with less effort than you would with dieting and exercising alone.

HCA FIT is available for purchase here.

buy hca fitPricing Information

  • 1-month supply $44.95
  • 3-month supply $109.95 (save $25)
  • 6-month supply $194.95 (save $75)

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